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How to display the top secret of Sony Ericsson mobile phones?

This tip will helps you to reveal the secret codes of Sony Ericsson mobile phones. These codes will work on most of the latest Sony Ericsson mobile sets. You can display the hidden information of mobile sets and then troubleshoot the routine problems using these codes.

Sony Ericsson Useful Secret Codes


0# --- To display the last dial number

*#06# --- To display the IMEI Number of the mobile

-> * <- <- * <- * --- Use to display the secret menu of Sony mobile

<**< --- Use to display the information about mobile network

< 0 0 0 0 > --- Use to reset Sony Ericsson mobile default language

>*<<*<* --- Use to display the mobile software version

<0000> --- Use to reset Sony Ericsson mobile default theme

# --- To display the SIM Number of the mobile

**04*0000*0000*0000# --- You can access you mobile settings without SIM card

*#0000# --- Use to reset Sony Ericsson mobile English menu

904060 + > --- Use to reset mobile phone settings

904093 + menu --- Use to display the CDMA Mode

On/off button --- Press and release quickly on/off button to verify the battery status.

> * > (>); --- To display the text contained in the phone


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