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Internet Explorer and Shortcuts

Normally a computer user spending his maximum time daily with internet browsing different sites. But if you are familiar with internet explorer shortcuts keys, you can increase your browsing speed and can handle many online browsing restrictions very easily.

Below here are some common internet explorer shortcut keys.

Press F5 to refreshes the webpage.

Press Backspace button back to the previous page.

Press Alt+Home button same time to go home page of the website.

Press any time Ctrl+N to open the new browser windows.

Press F11 key to view any webpage in full-screen view and then again press for normal view.

Press Ctrl+P keys to send the print command for current whole page.

Press Ctrl+H keys to view your browsing history.

Press Ctrl+w keys to close the current browser window.

Press Esc button to stop any page browsing.

Press Ctrl+Enter Windows will automatically add both "www" and ".com". For example, if we type "rahulmg.blogspot" in an address bar and then press Ctrl+Enter, Windows Internet Explorer will take you to the www.rahulmg.blogspot.com

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