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Know Downloading, Uploading Installing and Un-Installing

Downloading, Uploading, Installing and Un installing are most favorite words in the usage of computer and Internet. Let’s see about this.

Downloading is the transmission of a file from one computer system to another, usually smaller computer system. From the Internet user's point-of-view, to download a file is to request it from another computer (or from a Web page on another computer) and to receive it.


This is the reverse process of downloading. That is we can copy the files from can computer to a network or the Internet. Generally the process is run by F.T.P. some of the Internet website provide the way to upload the files through their browsers.And its transmission in the other direction: from one, usually smaller computer to another computer. From an Internet user's point-of-view, uploading is sending a file to a computer that is set up to receive it.


Mostly the peoples confuse both downloading and installing. Installing means process of our computer is preparing for run a program. Generally its have a setup program to run when we are executing the setup program it ask some questions. We give to answer for this questions then it start copy the files to your computer for run the particular program. If we want to run the program we may click the icons in the desktop. Otherwise select the program from star/program menu.


This is also the reverse process of installing while installing the program. It will copy the files in your computer. When we don’t want the program it’s hard task find and delete the files. Because of that the developers are create one exe file for uninstalling with that program.

We can see the file in program directory. Otherwise we can uninstall the file by select the Add/Remove Program option in control panel. Here all the installed programs are arranged in alphabetical order. We can select the program from the list, which is wanted to uninstall.

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