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How to Make Free Space in Windows Vista and Xp from Hibernation

Free disk space, by deleting Hibernation file in Windows Vista and Xp

Every time you put your Windows Vista loaded computer, into hibernation, it creates a file called ‘hiberfil.sys’. This file uses your entire physical memory and grows its size, every time you hibernate your system. Hence you may want to delete it to free up some hard drive space.

Follow this procedure to delete this file.

1. Click on Start, go to All Programs, then Accessories, choose System Tools, and then click on "Disk Cleanup". 
2. You would be prompted to choose the drive you want to clean up. Then select the drive in which Windows Vista is installed and press OK. 
3. Disk Cleanup will start scanning the hard drive and present you with a list of options. 
4. Check "Hibernation File Cleaner", and then press OK. 
5. When asked "Are you sure you want to permanently delete these files?" click on the Delete Files button. 
You will end up with some more free disk space.

Disable Hibernation in Windows Vista and Xp

If you do not use hibernation mode or your system does not support it, you may want to disable the same. Follow below steps:

Method 1

1. Log on as Administrator.
2. Start the Command Prompt and then type: powercfg -h off
3. Press Enter.

Method 2

1. Click Start > All Programs > and then right click on ‘Command Prompt’. 
2. In the context menu choose ‘Run as administrator’. 
3. If ‘User Account Control(UAC)’ prompts you to allow the action, click on Continue. 
4. Follow Steps 2 and 3 given above.


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