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Computer Keyboard Problems

Keyboard problems are usually easy to pinpoint, there are 2 types of interface that are used today, the newer type USB and the older type PS2 or Mini Din.

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Keyboard is Mal Functioning ?

Firstly check all connections from the keyboard to the computer making sure they are fitted well.

Try the keyboard in another computer, this will show if its the computer or the keyboard.

Keyboard Errors

PS2 keyboards have very small pins in the keyboard cable connecter and these can be squashed or bent out of shape very easily causing keyboard problems care needs to be taken when plugging them in.

Check on the keyboard for signs of fluid spillages or anything stuck under the keys.


Many keyboard problems can be software related. Remove and allow Windows to reinstall the keyboard, from control panels - system - hardware - device manager Right click uninstall and Windows will re-install it.

Wireless Keyboards

Check the batteries
Try re-connecting by using the little button, usually situated on the bottom.
Make sure the keyboards receiver is plugged in
If you have a Bluetooth keyboard remove any security codes and try connecting this way.

If you are using a USB keyboard and it has extra USB ports try with nothing plugged into them.

Many keyboards come with extra software for extra keys and buttons on the keyboard.

If all has failed so far the final fix is the system restore which is part of Windows XP and Vista, checkout our article on this for more.

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