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Prevent XP from using alternate Video Driver

  1. Some program or games like Ghost Recon, use alternate Video driver when it can't recognise the Primary Video card driver.

  2. Alternate driver lack AGP support and performance. So this tweak will prevent window XP from using this alternate driver whenever it was called for.

  3. Some bug may appear when using the primary Video driver

  4. Here's how to do it:
  5. -Run Regedit.
  6. -Go to. --> "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ CurrentControlSet\Control\Video"
  7. -There will be 4 'display device GUID' key.
  8. -Expand all 4 key.
  9. -Open the 'subkey' labelled "000"
  10. -Change any 'DWORD' value labelled "MirrorDriver"
  11. from '1' to '0'.
  12. -Close regedit, restart.

  13. If Graphic card is soo slow (SiS based graphic
  14. card) so, if AGP texturing capabilities disabled, my computer will go soo slow.
  15. Use a program named "POWERSTRIP" to determine the AGP capabilities (and to overclock my Graphic Card).

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