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Change the Taskbar Location

You always see the Windows taskbar appear on the bottom of your screen. That does not always have to be the case. It is possible to move the taskbar to every side of the screen.This allows you to really change the look of Windows XP, If you moved your taskbar to the left side of the screen.
Moving the taskbar is very simple.There are just three basic steps:
  • You will want to unlock the taskbar if it is already locked.
  • Right-click an open part of the taskbar and select Lock the Taskbar,if there is a check next to the entry.
  • Click and hold your mouse on any part of the taskbar where there are no icons,such as the system clock,and drag the taskbar to different sides by moving your mouse in the general direction.
  • When you have the taskbar where you want it,you may want to readjust your toolbars inside the taskbar, such as the Quick Launch bar.
  • Then lock it back up again by right-clicking it and selecting Lock the Taskbar.
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