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Speeding Up System Boot - Tracing your System Start with Bootvis Part 3

Now that you have Bootvis installed, you are ready to start analyzing your system.
Start the application from the shortcut located in the Start Menu. Once the application has started, you will see an empty Bootvis interface. To initiate a new trace, click the Trace item on the menu bar and select Next Boot Driver+Delays.
This will Pop up a window, asking you how many times you would like the trace to be run.
It is often a good idea to run the trace more than once to see if the items that are slow in your startup are consistently slow. Select the number of repetitions by using the arrow buttons.

Once you click OK, your computer will automatically start the process of tracing and will reboot your computer. Make sure that you do not have any unsaved work on your system, as you could lose anything that you have been working on if you do not save your work before the system restarts.

When you are ready, click the OK button and you will see a countdown window counting down from 10 seconds until the system will reboot. If you choose, you can click the Reboot Now button if you do not want to wait for your system to reboot automatically.

Once your system starts to reboot, it will start the tracing process. Do not press any buttons on your computer during the tracing process other than to log onto your computer, if your computer is set up that way.
After the log on screen, Bootvis will display a message on the screen telling you not to do anything on your computer. Once the trace is complete, the computer will automatically reboot and will repeat this process the number of times you selected to repeat earlier. When the process is all finished,your computer will automatically load the trace file.
If you performed more than one trace, you will have to manually load one of the trace files.

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