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Vista Tips - Using BitLocker Drive Encryption

Using BitLocker Drive Encryption is easy when you have your hard drive configured properly and have reinstalled Windows Vista.
Just follow these steps to get BitLocker up and running for you:
  • Click the Start menu and select Control Panel.
  • When Control Panel loads, click the Security heading.
  • Click BitLocker Drive Encryption.
  • If your computer is configured properly, you should see a Turn it on link, next to your operating system drive.
  • Click that link now.
  • Select the type of device you will be using to protect your computer and follow the onscreen steps for your method of protection.
After you complete all the steps the wizard guides you through, your computer will begin encrypting the hard drive automatically.

Congratulations, your computer is now even more secure. Keep in mind that you will need to insert your USB drive every time you want to boot your computer if you choose the non-TPM option.

Failure to insert it will result in your computer not booting. Make sure that you keep your emergency recovery passcode stored in a safe place, as well as your USB drive, in the event you choose to use that option.

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