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Stop Windows from notifying you of security problems

You can stop Windows from notifying you of security problems on your computer. Windows is set up to automatically notify you about potential problems that may put your computer at risk.

For example, Windows will notify you if the firewall software included with Windows to prevent unauthorized access to your computer is turned off.

Windows will also notify you if the Automatic Updates feature, which automatically installs the latest Windows updates on your computer, is turned off.
If your computer is not using an antivirus program, Windows will also notify you.
You can have Windows stop notifying you of these types of problems. If Windows detects a problem with any of the three main security settings, including Firewall, Automatic Updates or Virus Protection, Windows displays an red shield icon on the taskbar and displays a message on your screen. You can click the icon to instantly display the Windows Security Center window to find information on how to fix the problem.

To Change Notification of Windows Security Alerts
  • Start.
  • Control Panel
  • Security Center
  • Change the way Security Center alerts me. [ Left side under Resources ]
  • Unselect Items that you don't need to notify [ use Check box, on or off ]
  • Click ok.

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