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Windows Tips - Automatically reopen folders when you next log on

Windows can remember which folders were left open when you logged off your computer and reopen those folders when you log on again. This helps you keep track of the tasks you were performing before you logged off and allows you to quickly start working where you left off the last time.

Although you perform the steps below using one folder on your computer, the changes will affect all folders that are open when you log off your computer.

You should be aware that turning on this feature may increase the time your computer takes to log on. If you no longer want Windows to automatically reopen your folders when you log on, you can repeat the steps below to turn off the option.

How to Enable/Disable Reopening of folders from last session on next log on
Open My computer
Select Tools > Folder Options to change your folder settings
Select View tab
Scroll down and Select > Restore previous folder windows at logon
Click Apply, OK to confirm your changes

Windows will now remember which folders are open when you log off your computer and reopen those folders when you log on.

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