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Windows Xp Tips - Place scraps of information on your desktop

If you frequently add the same information to your files, you can place the information on your desktop by creating a file called a scrap. Document scraps saves you from having to constantly retype information.

For example, you can create a scrap containing your name, address and telephone number, which you can then drag into a document when needed. You can also create a scrap for images, such as your company’s logo or whatever.

When creating a scrap, make sure the window that contains the information does not fill the entire screen. Part of the desktop should be visible so you can drag the information to the desktop.

Scraps are available only for programs that allow you to drag and drop information to other programs. For example, you cannot create scraps using a Notepad document. You can work with a scrap the same way you would work with any file.

Making Scarp with Windows Wordpad
Create a file with wordpad that contains the information you want to place on your desktop

Select/Highlight the information/text in the file
Take the mouse pointer over the selected information/text
Drag the information/text to a blank area on your desktop
Windows creates a file called a scrap
The scrap stores a copy of the information you selected
The information remains in the original file

To place the information from a scrap into a file, drag the scrap to the location in the file where you want to place the information. You can place the information from a scrap in as many files as you want. Make More Scraps for easy documentation!

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