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Reference Series - Fix your Own PC

Fix Your Own PC

Computers are wonderful tools that occasionally refuse to work
the way they should. When something does go wrong, you can
avoid frustrating (and costly) downtime by learning to fix your
own PC. Use the basic troubleshooting techniques and step-by-
step instructions in this issue to solve hundreds of common
hardware and software problems.

Fix Your PC
* The Tao Of Troubleshooting
Pinpoint The Source Of Your Computer Problem
* How To Handle Error Messages
Computers Say the Darnedest Things

What To Do When

1. Your PC Won’t Start
2. Your Printer Won’t Print
3. You Can’t Get Online
4. Your Browser Has Been Hijacked
5. You’re Pestered By Pop-up Ads
6. Your PC Has A Virus
7. Your LAN Isn’t Working
8. You Can’t Access A WLAN
9. You Can’t Send Or Receive Email
10. You Can’t Open Email Attachments
11. You’re Having Video Problems
12. You’re Having Audio Problems
13. You Can’t Install Something

And More...

Click to Download : Reference series - Fix your Own PC.rar

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