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ScriptLance Forum
A forum is available at forum.ScriptLance.com to allow members to take part in discussions. All visitors may view it, but approval is required to post on this forum. Although forum membership is free you are required to have and use an existing ScriptLance account. The purpose of this is to keep the forum clear of rule violations and in turn provide a safe, clean and professional forum for community discussions.

Note: The forum is NOT used by support staff. You may seek help from other members on the forums, but if you have questions or problems to report to ScriptLance staff, please use the contact form.

How to become a forum member:

You must have a buyer or programmer account on ScriptLance. Your account must have been active for over a week (bids placed or projects posted)

Go register for the forum. Provide your ScriptLance account username and use the same email address. We must match your forum account to your ScriptLance account to approve you. Read the rules VERY carefully. If you violate a forum rule, not only will you risk suspension of your forum membership, but also suspension or cancellation of your ScriptLance buyer or programmer account.

ScriptLance staff and moderators will review your application within 3 business days. You may contact us for an explanation if you are not approved after this time period.

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