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Speeding Up System Boot - Analyze System with Bootvis

Using Bootvis you can analyze your system start

Bootvis is an application released by Microsoft that allows users and developers to debug and detect issues that occur during the system startup. Contrary to what most people believe, Bootvis is not a performance enhancement tool, but a diagnostic and reporting tool.

Running Bootvis will not speed up or change the performance of your system in any way other than what the system does automatically. Therefore, running Bootvis for the purpose of having it automatically speed up your system is pointless. However,the information that the Bootvis reports can be invaluable to improving the performance of your system.
What exactly is Bootvis?
Bootvis is a tool that will trace all of the different stages of the system
start such as the system kernel, then the device drivers, and then the start up of processes.If you are wondering why your computer is taking so long to startup, then Bootvis will provide you with many answers.

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