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Speeding Up System Boot - Installing Bootvis Part 2

Installing Bootvis

Bootvis is not included with Windows and must be downloaded from the Web. Currently, Microsoft has removed the link to download the program from their Web site.
Microsoft has removed this tool from their site because users have been using it for the wrong purpose. Ever since the tool was first discovered on Microsoft's Web site, users would use Bootvis because they thought that it would speed up their computer's boot time. That misconception arose because Bootvis is capable of starting some of Windows XP's boot optimization features that are normally run by the operating system after it has fully analyzed the boot. However, Bootvis was designed to be a performance analysis and diagnostic utility, not a speed boosting app.

Because users were using Bootvis for the wrong reason,and because use of its
advanced boot optimization features could possibly do more harm than good, Microsoft decided to remove the tool from their site.

Microsoft's removal of the tool from their Web site is unfortunate,because it really can give you a lot of useful information about your boot. Fortunately,several Web sites exist from which users of Windows XP still download Bootvis, namely:
Once you have downloaded a copy of Bootvis, install it by double-clicking the file. A new entry will be made in the Start Menu under All Programs, labeled Microsoft Bootvis.
To be Continued...

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